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Our Dog And Puppies Have Top Reviews From Trainers, Dog Show Judges, Veterinarians, Owners And Their Communities!

Located in scenic and historic Massachusetts, our home is situated on a cozy little horse farm, with picturesque acreage of beautifully maintained and fully fenced land for our dogs and puppies to run and play! Our home is surrounded by some of the largest conservation lands, walking and hiking trails, ponds, lakes, and beaches that beautiful Massachusetts has to offer!  Our family has been raising quality Siberian Huskies and Miniature Australian Shepherd's for over 2 decades! We take serious pride in the temperament, conformation, health and structure of all of our dogs and puppies! We very strictly adhere to the breed standards set forth by the AKC (American Kennel Club) and SHCA (Siberian Husky Club of America) for our Huskies and the AKC, ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) and ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) for our Aussies. All of our dogs and puppies are raised and reside in our home, with us, as a member of our family! Our dogs sleep in our bed, snuggle with us on the couch and watch TV with us, they do NOT live outside in Kennels, crates or anything similar! Our dogs and puppies all have PLENTY of outdoor playtime and activities such as fetch, hiking, walking, jogging, sledding, swimming, and their own large kiddie pool in our yard to swim in as they please (weather permitting) while running around our massive backyard playing a game of "tag" with eachother! All of our dogs are FULLY off leash trained, extremely friendly and obedient and all of our puppies follow suit and have an excellent desire to learn and please their owner(s). NONE of our dogs or puppies have ever had a prey drive to get small animals. They do not dig, climb, take off or escape and are all around extremely well trained and behaved. You will NOT end up with a problematic puppy from us and we guarantee their temperament! We only have a couple litters a year, as we enjoy being able to spend countless hours with each of our puppies before they leave us and go on to put smiles on the faces of their new forever family members! The health, safety and proper growth and education of our dogs and puppies is ALWAYS of utmost importance to us! Our purebred Siberian Husky puppies are specifically bred for temperament, personality, health, conformation and intelligence! Our puppies come with purebred registration (AKC for Huskies, ASDR for mini Aussies), which I register for you, folder with TONS of info, pedigree/litter certificate, age appropriate vaccines, MULTIPLE dewormings, giardia and coccidia prevention, microchip, first round of flea and tick and heartworm prevention, started on housebreaking, crate and leash training, raised with other dogs, small animals, large animals/livestock, and children. Very well socialized and acclimated to family life since day one! Military based biological neuro-stimulation is completed with all puppies from day 1 (this makes for a more intelligent and calmer puppy/dog as the exercises provide controlled early exposure to situations and feelings they otherwise wouldn't experience at that age). Our puppies are ALSO raised with the puppy culture rearing methods from the beginning stages to make for a smarter and calmer dog that is able to self soothe and "reason" better especially in potentially stressful situations. Puppy culture helps us raise an all around "better" and "easier" puppy/dog! The military based biological neuro-stimulation and the puppy culture methods are each practiced DAILY with our puppies as a consistent training/rearing method in the early stages of their growth and development! Our puppies also go home with a puppy starter package containing a transitional bag of food and some goodies! Our puppies are raised correctly with positive reinforcement training ONLY!