The health and safety of our dogs and puppies is always our very first priority, we will always take every precaution to protect our dogs and puppies! Although we understand you are eager to meet your new family member, we do not allow any visitors to our home. We have several reasons behind this decision, please understand this is our HOME, and this decision was set forth to protect our dogs, your new puppy, our home and our family. We do not make any exceptions to this rule. We recieve numerous emails, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, website responses, AKC marketplace responses etc from families interested in puppies each DAY! If we were to bring each and every person that communicates with us into our home we would be putting our puppies, adults dogs, and even our human family at a serious safety risk! By doing so, we would also GREATLY increase the very real possibility that our dogs and puppies could very easily pick up infectious diseases, bacteria or illnesses! For starters, you never know who you are welcoming into your home, you never know where these people have come from or what they have been exposed to! Visitors can unknowingly bring diseases, illnesses and harmful bacteria or protozoa etc into our home on their hands, shoes, clothing, vehicles, personal items etc. The disease Parvo (abbreviated for Parvovirus) for instance. Parvo can live in the soil for up to 7 years and can withstand extreme temperatures! Puppies have VERY fragile immune systems that are not yet fully developed! Although the puppies are recieving maternal antibodies which are constantly strengthening, that is not enough to protect them and they are nowhere near even halfway immune let alone fully immune! Also, we vaccinate our puppies at 8 weeks of age as any earlier vaccination can do more harm to their fragile and growing immune systems than it can to help them! If Parvo was to be brought into our home unknowingly by a visitor, it would certainly kill a whole entire litter of puppies in the matter of just a couple hours! This would be absolutely devastating to us, our property, our home, anyone who had reserved a puppy, even our adult dogs as the virus sheds and strengthens, and would be detrimental to our breeding program as like I stated above, it can live in the soil for up to 7 years! This means for 7-10 years we would not be able to have any puppies at all as they would not be safe and neither would our adult dogs! You may think you are a safe visitor, but the truth is Parvo is VERY easily picked up and transmitted from sidewalks, veterinarians offices, groomers, training facilities, pet stores, parks, rest stops, parking lots, hiking and walking trails or anywhere else dogs or puppies may have been present at one point or another! Another explanation to our no visitors policy is the extreme stress this can and will cause the mother dog and any other expecting mothers we may have at the time! While mothers are caring for their puppies, following their routine, teaching their puppies or expecting mothers nesting and preparing an environment they feel is safe for them and their puppies etc to have strangers coming in and out and handling young puppies does throw the routines off and cause a very high amount of stress for mothers. They can feel the need to become protective (rightfully so) and this would not be a good time to evaluate the mothers temperament! It is NOT at all that they are aggressive in any way shape or form (if they were we never would have bred them) it is just a mothers natural maternal instinct to protect her young if she feels necessary! Some mother dogs would not be willing to take their puppy back and would reject him/her if she smells a strangers scent on the puppy. This is because she feels as though it may be a danger to the rest of the litter! The stress of having a stranger near her nesting place, could also slow the mothers milk production, which would be rather harmful to the nursing puppies health as it would deplete nutrients they should be receiving from their mother to grow properly! Mothers could become frantic in a situation they do not feel is safe for their puppies. This panic could lead to them stepping on or otherwise seriously injuring a puppy, we definitely do NOT want that to happen! In any event, we do everything we can to keep our mothers calm and relaxed during the whelping process, and we will do anything to eliminate and prevent a potentially dangerous or stressful situation for them or their puppies! Also, many breeders that have allowed visitors to their homes have had puppies stolen, their homes robbed, and sadly some breeders have even had their lives taken! Also, the COVID outbreak has made us even more cautious allowing much of anyone to our home to keep us all safe and healthy! You never know who or what you are welcoming in, and that's just not a situation we are willing to take the gamble of possibly putting our dogs, puppies or family into! We are always happy to send photos and videos of your puppy to you so that you are still able to see him/her! We send photo and or video updates once or twice a week (depending on our days off from our full time jobs) caring for a litter, raising them properly and socializing them properly with our family members is a lot of work, it's like having another full time job on top of our real jobs! It takes A LOT of time and energy, but we love what we do and we love each and every single one of our puppies so much! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and educate you on the breed! When the time comes for your puppy to go home with you we are more than happy to meet you in a public and mutually safe area, or if needed we are happy to ship your puppy to you with our own personal ground shipper (a VERY close friend of ours) for an additional fee at the purchasers expense! We do NOT hold our puppies without a deposit! A $250 non-refundable deposit/holding fee is required to hold your puppy until he/she is 8 weeks old and ready to go home! 

*** These are just a few examples of why we do NOT allow any visitors (strangers) into our home! These were posted on some of the Facebook pages warning breeders, I took a screenshot to show everyone why we are not willing to take the risk of having strangers at our home! Not only is there a major risk of people not being honest there is a MAJOR contamination risk as well! Parvo is EXTREMELY contagious and we will never risk introducing parvo to our property or animals at all EVER!




We receive a lot of messages each day in regards to interest in our puppies. When you're looking for your new family member you have tons of questions and that is quite alright! We definitely don't mind taking the time to chat and educate you on our wonderful breed aswell as the process of purchasing a puppy from us! I've decided it might be beneficial to post the answers to some common questions we receive to help everyone in their search! Siberian Huskies and Miniature Australian Shepherd's are both AMAZING breeds... but they might not be the right breeds for everyone! Our puppies might not be the perfect fit for everyone and we completely understand that! So here are some answers to some of the questions we receive the most :)

1.) Huskies and Mini Aussies do require a good amount of attention and exercise.

2.) Just like any other dog, when raised correctly, brought up with children, and taught to respect their boundaries they are perfect family dogs and can be fabulous with children

3.) Yes, crate training is very highly recommended, yes it will take lots of time, patience and work, your puppy will howl and cry but in the end it is EXTREMELY worth it... yes they are STARTED on crate training and house breaking before they go home but they will by NO means know fully and will still require consistent training.

4.) Yes, our puppies are 100% purebred AKC registered (Huskies) ASDR registered (Aussies), mothers and fathers both have DNA on file to prove parentage and to prove perfect genetic health! 

5.) We do not offer any discounts of any kind for any reason, our prices are not negotiable, we will not entertain offers and we do not accept trades of any kind. The balance due for your puppy is to be paid in cash only at the time of pickup. We will provide you with a receipt at that time. We do not accept ANY other forms of payment at pickup. 

6.) We will not sell a puppy without papers, microchip, contract (non-negotiable), application, puppy starter package, dewormings, first vaccines, first groom, socialization, physical health warranty, genetic health guarantee, or anything else that we advertise they come with (even if requested). 

7.) Yes, Huskies and Aussies do shed. We recommend furminator shampoo AND conditioner to aid in the shedding control, we also recommend a "force dryer" (if you have questions on how to use a force dryer please feel free to ask as these can be stressful and unsafe if used incorrectly) this blows out all the fur from their undercoat that is trying to shed out.

8.) No, we do not ship overseas.

9.) No, we absolutely do not allow any visitors. We care more about the health and well being of our puppies than allowing someone to come visit and potentially bringing in an illness to our puppies who do not have full immunity yet because they have not had their first vaccines. The health of our puppies comes before anything pertaining to those wanting to visit. 

10.) We allow buyers to make their pick in order of deposit, we will not go out of this order unless a deposit is forfeited.

11.) If a puppy is already spoken for please do not offer us more money or anything for that puppy, you will be told no. If the puppy is marked sold, that puppy already has a home, if a puppy is marked pending that means we are waiting for a deposit on said puppy and if you are interested we are happy to contact you IF that deposit is not received. 

12.) No, your puppy cannot be picked up anytime before 8 weeks of age. 

13.) Yes, we are happy to hold your puppy for an extended period of time, although we will charge an additional fee for the additional training we will need to be putting into your puppy and the additional food and vaccines etc. 

14.) We do not guarantee eye or coat color as Huskies and Aussies can and do lighten or darken as they grow up.  

15.) Yes, we are extremely picky on offering full registration/ breeding rights, we take pride in our dogs and puppies and it is extremely rare that we offer full rights at all and only to those we approve after heavy conversation, application and contract.

16.) Yes, we are strict on our limited registration spay/neuter contract as we do not offer breeding rights to just anyone that requests.

17.) Our puppies are not to be "resold" we do have a return clause in our contract. 

18.) Siberian Huskies have a life span of about 12-15 years. Males mature to about 21"-23.5" tall and about 40lbs-55lbs. Females mature to about 20"-22" tall and about 35lbs-50lbs.

Miniature Australian Shepherd's have a life span of about 12-14 years and mature to about 16"-18" tall and about 30lbs-45lbs.

19.) We will not sell any of our puppies to anyone under the age of 21 years old, you are not legally able to enter into our contract, which we require when purchasing a puppy from us. 

20.) Shipping is available at buyers expense, ALL shipping costs are to be paid for up front (with your deposit) and the entire remaining balance for your puppy - and any extras (such as a puppy package etc) is to be paid for at the very least, 2 weeks BEFORE your puppy is 8 weeks old (or estimated shipping date) we do not make ANY exceptions to this rule, as doing so could delay shipping and cause a health certificate to expire (which you will then be responsible for the payment of a new, updated health certificate)!

21.) All of our dogs and puppies are fed a high quality, soy, corn and bad grain/filler free, all natural, organic, limited and simple ingredient food with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives!

22.) No, we do not offer free puppies or discounted prices for service dogs or emotional support animals. 

23.) Yes, we do require puppies be paid in full before leaving our care, this includes any fees associated with having us hold your puppy for an extended period of time past 8 weeks of age, shipping fees if applicable and any additional purchases such as a puppy package.

24.) No, we do not allow or accept payment plans of any type. 

25.) No, we do not offer "multi-pup discounts" or holiday or birthday specials.

26.) No, we do not accept personal checks, debit cards, credit cards, gift certificates, PayPal, western union, money gram, facebook pay or bank wiring. We do accept cash for the remaining balance due at the time of pickup (we always give receipts) and squarecash A.K.A. the cash app by square as well as Venmo by PayPal (for deposit payments/shipping only)

27.) We are ALWAYS happy to answer ANY questions you may have at ANY time! We offer lifetime breeder support and are always happy to help with anything we can! Please do not hesitate to contact us for help or answers at any time! Even if you do not have a puppy from us and just have questions or need help we are still here for you please do not hesitate to pick our brains for knowledge, information and experience! We love these magnificent breeds so very much and are eager to help anyone and everyone love these 2 breeds as much as we do and help owners and their furry family members have the best relationship and bond possible!

28.) No, our puppies are not spayed or neutered before they go home, that is extremely bad for their health. That can prevent them from growing and maturing properly and much more. 

29.) What do we do with the puppies that don't get adopted? We keep them until their perfect home comes along, or their entire lives if their perfect home is never found!

30.) Your puppies will not be used to the car as we do not take them off the property until they are vaccinated at 8 weeks of age. This is because they do not have immunity to leave the property safely until then. 

31.) We are unable to tell your pups personality until he/she is ATLEAST 6-7 weeks old, until then they are all sleepy and curious/playful.

32.) All of our dogs are tested and cleared for over 165 known genetic health conditions in 16 different areas (meaning they are not affected or a carrier of anything at all and have absolutely no risk of passing anything on to their offspring) before we even consider a breeding pair: Clinical, Blood, Immune, Hormones, Eyes, Multisystem, Kidney and bladder, Other systems, Brain and spinal cord, Heart, Muscular, Metabolic, Gastrointestinal, Neuro-muscular, Skin and connective tissues, and Skeletal.

33.) We start the neuro-stimulation from 3 days after they are born and we continue the exercises up until approximately 16 days old (once their eyes open) from there, we move on to the puppy culture methods, positive reinforcement AND the rule of 7's method! 

34.) All of our puppies are Temperament Tested using Volhard's puppy aptitude testing. The testing includes/covers the following: Social Attraction, Following, Restraint, Social Dominance, Elevation Dominance, Retrieving, Touch Sensitivity, Sound Sensitivity, Sight Sensitivity, and lastly Stability! Each puppy is evaluated separately from all other dogs/puppies and distractions, this allows us to see the puppies true, one on one personality and accurately test/score them! 

35.) We send photo updates once/ twice weekly of your puppy. With working full time jobs, caring for and socializing (bio neuro stimulation and puppy culture etc) all of the puppies in the litter it is very difficult to get the extra time in between to send more photo updates than those 1-2 planned days (our day(s) off from our full time jobs). We do NOT "make a living" off of our dogs or puppies, we both work a full time job and a part time job to pay our bills. We also manage a farm 7 days a week (including holidays) and all the rest of our "spare" time is spent raising your puppy correctly! Our lives are extremely hectic until our puppies go home with their forever families, but we wouldn't change it for the world as we love what we do and enjoy giving other families the chance to love a Siberian Husky and/or a Miniature Australian Shepherd forever!

36.) ALL PUPPIES CAN BE SENT HOME WITH OUR "NEW PUPPY STARTER PACKAGE" which contains the essentials you need to bring a puppy home! We charge $350 for this package which is due at the time of pickup. This takes the guess work out of picking out everything you need to bring your new puppy home! You just have to let us know what your favorite color is!

We also offer a platinum puppy package. This package contains absolutely everything you could possibly need *AND MORE*!! This massive package includes everything our basic puppy package contains as well as, a crate, larger more comfortable bed, $300 worth of coupons, a collar, a HUGE bag of food, 3 months of flea and tick prevention, shampoo AND conditioner, leave in conditioner, waterless shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste and water additive/spray, puppy cologne, light up collar led tag, personalized name ID collar tag, microchip ID collar tag, treat puzzle, teething bone, nutritional pouch/packet, frisbee, bandana, wipes, paw balm (x2 - protection and soother), kong and kong stuffing, nupro gold sample AND MORE for only $650! ***we couldn't fit everything in the photo!***

*Basic puppy package* harness, leash, food bowl, water bowl, dry food, wet food, brush, nail clippers, poop baggies & holder, odor neutralizer, toys, treats, bones, stuffed animal, tennis balls, shampoo, rope toy, squeak toy, blanket with momma and littermates scent on it, bed, potty pads, 1 month Flea and tick prevention and more! These items are also included in our platinum puppy package... however, you will receive more/larger/highest quality items etc! 



We are now offering our Males for A/I stud service, the stud fee for this service is $3,000 AND 1st & 2nd pick puppies on full reg. plus the cost of collection, shipping and insemination, and MUST be paid up front, with a contractual agreement signed! Terms and conditions apply as we will NOT breed our Males to just anyone! Must be AKC (Husky) to breed with our AKC Husky or ASDR (MINI Aussie - not AKC mini Ameri) to breed with our ASDR Mini Aussie, FULLY health tested and CLEAR, brucellosis free, un-related to our Male what-so-ever (no line breeding or inbreeding) must have a worthy pedigree with titles and championships in pedigree and personally, must be a QUALITY female and have correct conformation, coat, bite, head, ears, tail, size (height and weight), structure, gait, exceptional personality with temperament testing etc. We will be extremely picky and diligent on potential females and all requested information/requirements and paperwork! Female owner must have solid contracts in place for puppies (or be willing to use ours) and be willing to consult with me on all puppy placements (potential buyers required to fill out my client questionnaire form to be approved and puppies only sold on limited registration) If you are NOT breeding to better this breed you do NOT have any chance of breeding with our male at all!! We do NOT support backyard breeders and will not assist anyone in breeding that we do not feel is doing right by the dogs, puppies and the breed itself!! We will screen you heavily and research your dog and bloodline extensively!!!