You've officially reserved your new puppy and now its time to prepare! 


This may be your first puppy in awhile or your first puppy ever, so we wanted to offer a suggested list and some tips to help our families gather the essentials to help transition their new puppy from our home to theirs! Most of the items on this list and much more, is included in our platinum puppy package! With purchasing our platinum puppy package you will have absolutely everything needed to bring your new puppy home, and will not have to shop for a single thing! :) 


Recommended Supplies:


  • 36" High Exercise Pen - this can have multiple uses! Its great to contain your puppy to a small appropriate area if you need to be gone longer than they can hold their bladder for a crate stay in the beginning or overnight. They can have their litter pan/puppy pads to use while you are away making those first few months a little less messy! Its also good to use outside to designate a "potty area".  Once they go, they can come out and play in the yard with you or come inside to play! This routine helps establish a potty first rule and helps keep them from being too distracted to go when they are give free run of the whole yard and doing it once they come back in the house!


  • Crate- We recommend a metal wire crate with an insert divider to make a small puppy crate 24" or 28" to start out and remove the divider to make a 36" to 42" crate as they get closer to their mature size!


  • Bed- A bed for your puppy's area is great! We don't recommend placing anything in their crate until they are closer to year. Early on they may potty on it and later they may chew/eat it and possibly develop a habit or worst case an obstruction.


  • Litter Pan/puppy pads- great for those first few months to use in their exercise pen for a place to go potty. We use puppy pads topped with pine pellets for our litter pans!


  • Puppy Toys- Go crazy! Try different types to figure out your puppy's favorite! We highly recommend the kong line of toys and especially the ones you can stuff with dog safe peanut butter, kong stuffing, wet food etc! This toy is generally a great way to keep your puppy busy and entertained with mental stimulation for hours! 


  • Puppy Safe Shampoo and Grooming Tools- We love furminator brand shampoo and conditioner! For combs we recommend a greyhound comb, pin brush and a slicker brush. Watch a few Youtube videos online about combing, to best care for you new friends coat and keep shedding to a minimum!


  • Harness and Lead- We recommend a harness until your puppy is a pro on the lead. This will reduce them slipping their collar and possibly injuring their necks. A collar is ok for displaying those cute tags but remember to remove them for crating so they don't get caught and possibly strangle your puppy!


  • Bowls- We reccomend metal bowls as they're non-porous and do not trap bacteria, your puppy will also not be able to chew on these bowls and risk developing a bad habit! 


  • KIBBLE- Last but not least, what to feed your puppy!? We will send your puppy home on a kibble called 4health Puppy formula that we purchase from Tractor Supply. They should be offered kibble 2-3 times a day and be allowed to eat their fill. Once they leave the bowl or stop showing interest, pick up their bowl until the next feeding. At around 1.5-2 years of age, when they're done growing, our puppies are switched to 4health 90 and are fed by weight twice daily. Of course you are welcome to switch to a different food of your choice, however please note... We do not recommend grain free formulas as most have been shown to be linked to DCM. Please feel free to ask questions if you need.




Your puppy is ready to come home! We recommend bringing a towel or puppy pads and a crate for your puppy for the trip home if you didn't purchase our platinum puppy package! You should take your puppy STRAIGHT HOME. No matter how far your drive is, do not take your puppy out for potty breaks. Public areas are a cesspool of diseases that your puppy is not yet fully protected against! It is much better to throw out a few soiled puppy pads along the way than to possibly expose your baby to something that could make them ill. Remember when you pick them up, your puppy is a baby who has been alive for 2 months. This is their first time away from the only home they have known and their siblings. Give them time to take in all the new smells and faces! Some may not miss a beat others may take a day or two to fully open up but remember they are babies. And with having babies comes worry! And you should keep a watchful eye on them. But don't be concerned if their heart rate and breathing rate are higher than an adult dog when they are asleep, its normal for babies! As long as they are active when they are awake and they are eating and drinking normally try not to worry! Noticing these things means you are an alert puppy parent and is 100% ok! We are always here to answer any questions you may have! Enjoy your new puppy and soak in all the moments, they grow up way too fast! Don't blink!


Recommended set up: